Comery, Hill & Co have been providing patent draughtsman services to our firm for over 15 years. Their drawings are of excellent quality and well priced. They provide a prompt turnaround and are always ready to fit in urgent cases. Quite apart from the professional side, they are a great firm to work with.

William Newell BSc, CPA, EPA, RTMA
Wynne-Jones, Laine & James LLP Partner www.wynne-jones.com

I can wholeheartedly recommend Comery, Hill & Co. for patent and design drawing work. David and Steve are pleasant and easy to deal with.Their work is always excellent, being of a high standard with attention to detail. My deadlines, however short, are always met.

Janet Bray,   Chartered Patent Attorney.  

I am happy to recommend the service provided by Comery, Hill & Co.

 In my experience, they have prepared patent drawings quickly and to a very high standard.  

James Leach CPA, EPA Mewburn Ellis LLP www.mewburn.com

We have used Comery, Hill and Co. for preparation of formal patent drawings for a number of years.

They are rapid and responsive and produce very high quality work - it is a pleasure to work with them.

Richard Lawrence, Director, Keltie LLP  www.keltie.com

I have no hesitation in recommending Comery Hill and Co.

 I have worked with them for well over ten years and have always found their approach to be friendly and helpful, and the end product to be of a very good standard and good value.

Alan Wilson, CPA, EPA  Barker Brettell LLP www.barkerbrettell.co.uk

AGCO have employed the services of David and Stephen for many years. The quality of their output is excellent and they are always very flexible to meet our demands.

The good service has been particularly evident on the numerous occasions when short deadlines have been presented and met with no fuss. I highly recommend Comery, Hill & Co.

David Marden AGCO Ltd www.agcocorp.com

"I use Comery Hill for patent drawings for my major client. They are prompt, accurate, polite, very helpful, and reasonably priced. I can't imagine sourcing Figures anywhere else!"

 Ken Strachan - IP Consultant

I rely on Comery, Hill & Co for most of my complex patent drawings. They provide good service, quality and flexibility at a fair price.

Jan Frankhuizen Hewlett-Packard Española S.L.

We are very happy with the service that we receive from Comery Hill: they are both cost-effective and responsive.

Ian Hartwell, MAGUIRE BOSS www.maguires.co.uk

Comery Hill & Co have been a valued provider of draughting services to our firm over many years. Their prompt attention to our instructions without any sacrificing of quality is highly commendable, and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in need of drawings for patents and representations for designs and trademarks.

Hulse & Co. Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys www.hulse-sheffield.co.uk

Having done my time of the drawing board as an engineer before becoming a patent attorney, I am happy to recommend Comery Hill& Co.

Nigel Brooks CPA www.nbpat.co.uk

Our firm has employed Comery, Hill and Co (and its predecessor) over many years. We have always found the service to be helpful, friendly and easy to use. We have also found Comery, Hill and Co to be very good at “pulling out the stops” when, as sometimes happens, a need for urgency arises.

Timothy Powell, Potter Clarkson LLP www.potterclarkson.com